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Joyal Marketing is a communications agency that builds and implements tactics around strategies such as public relations, social media, digital marketing and community outreach to promote key influencers and strategic audiences to engage with a brand.

We are...

  • Experienced

Owner Travis Joyal has more than a decade of experience and ongoing development in the areas of public relations, social media, content development, digital marketing, and community outreach.


We cannot effectively tell the stories of your brand, or build strong strategies around it, without being part of your team. We immerse ourselves with the team and brand to create strategic content and tactics while building trust.


We execute strategies that excite clients and build desire across the team. The desire to fully understand the strategy. The desire to be part of the strategy. The desire to see the strategy perform well.


A well-planned strategy includes clear communication of key information among all team members. An informed team is a prepared team. 

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Joyal Marketing's client base, both past and current, includes:

Restaurants & Dining:

Events & Productions:

Retail & Development:

Sports & Fitness:

Mobile Apps:

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